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Dr. Danso is Chairman and CEO of African Investor (Ai) Group, a leading institutional infrastructure investment platform for asset owners working in Africa. 

Through Ai Group, Dr. Danso spearheads initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth and sustainable development across the continent, garnering widespread recognition for his unwavering dedication to transforming Africa’s investment landscape and the continent’s participation in the global economy.

He is skilled in infrastructure, capital market, and private equity investment transacting, blockchain and fintech investments, International Business, Asset Management, Strategic Communications, and investing across the African continent.

Dr. Danso advises numerous Heads of State and governments across Africa on infrastructure investments and is a strong entrepreneur and investment professional, with an LL.B (Hons) in Business Law, an LL.M Int Commercial Law Masters Degree – from the University of Sussex in England, and an Honorary Doctorate in Global Leadership and Management, from the European International University in France.

As an astute entrepreneur and thought leader, Dr. Danso’s name frequently graces headlines, capturing attention with his innovative endeavors and commitment to global progress.

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Dr. Danso In-Service
2024 - Now
Co-Chair SMI Africa Council | The Sustainable Markets Initiative
2024 - Now
Ai for Good Adjudicating Panel | UN AI for Good Innovation Factory Africa
2024 - Now
Adjudicating Panel Judge | Future of Finance Awards
2023 - Now
UN Advisory Board | Africa Green Financing Initiative
2023 - Now
High Level Adjudicating Panel Judge | Terra Carta Seal
2023 - Now
Co-Chair | Africa Investment Earthshot
2023 - Now
High-Level Advisory Panel | Africa Climate Summit
2023 - Now
Advisor | Accounting for Sustainability
2023 - Now
Advisory Panel | New Global Financial Pact Summit
2022 - Now
World Economic Forum Sustainability & Smart Cities Taskforce | G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance
2014 - Now
Chairman | African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum
2000 - Now
CEO & Chairman | Africa investor
2020 - Now
Chairperson | African Union Continental Business Network (CBN)
2018 - Now
Chairman | CFA New York Global Asset Owners Council
2000 - 2017
CEO & Vice-Chairman | Africa investor
2000 - Now
Chairman | AfricaPLC
1995 - 2000
Senior Adviser for African Affairs | The International Chamber of Commerce


Dr. Hubert Danso’s publications (Dansonomics) reflect his deep expertise and passion for driving positive change across various domains. Spanning topics ranging from investment strategies to sustainable development and emerging markets, his works serve as invaluable resources for professionals, academics, and policymakers alike.

Board and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Danso is a sought-after Board member and public speaker, renowned for his expertise in climate and infrastructure investing in Africa. He helps investment, business, and government leaders enhance their performance and competitiveness through strategic insights and actionable recommendations. Dr. Danso’s dynamic presentations and board contributions equip organizations with a unique fact base for informed decision-making, positioning them at the forefront of sustainable growth and impact on the African continent.

In the media

Dr. Danso is a globally recognized authority on institutional investment, with a particular focus on African green infrastructure, private equity, and tech investment. His expertise and insights are highly sought after, leading to regular appearances in international media outlets. Dr. Danso’s contributions provide valuable perspectives on the complexities of global institutional investment and the dynamic opportunities within the African market.