Inter-Governmental of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing (ICESDF) Report

The basis for this presentation will encompass 12 years of extensive UN Financing for Development  (FfD) related work from 2001 to now, as well as the perspectives of the leading African investment advisory and research firm in Africa, Africa investor. This extensive input is grouped into four categories:

  1. FfD Consultations- Input from the private sector from 2001 to now: FfD Forums in advance of UN Financing for Development Monterrey 2002 Conference and input into drafting of the resolutions; 2002 FfD Business Forum in Monterrey; 2006 FfD Business Forum in Doha;

2. Specific FfD Projects over 11 years from 2001-2012 (with support from UN FfD Office/DESA, Ford Foundation Norway, Switzerland, Reuters, Samuels Associates, and private sector experts): The FfD projects and FfD programmes that I have been personally involved with include the following;

  • Two-year World Economics Forum (WEF) research, workshop, and report, with input from over 500 experts